dAVOS - I Could Sense A Tragedy! (CD) (5871684386969)

dAVOS - I Could Sense A Tragedy! (CD)


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dAVOS are back more than impressively with the album "I Could Sense a Tragedy" and have not lost any of their well-known and valued esprit on their ninth release.
Mastermind Michael Ruin has invested heavily in his existing machinery over the past year and a half, while frontman Eric Nelson, who hasn't lost any of his singing charisma, dug deep into the literature box together with the third man Matt C.. Nothing for the crowd, but a must for everyone with heart and mind, loosely based on Curt Goetz: "All people are allowed to think, but many are spared it."

01 Just like mine
02 Tender loving care
03 Let it be
04 patterns
05 Shatter
07 A hidden place
08 Sur la mer
09 Disgrace
10 thoughtful eyes
11 Chimes' sad melody