Dawidowsky - Come Into My Life (CD) (5871751659673)

Dawidowsky - Come Into My Life (CD)


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He's had his guitar with him all his life, and for just as long he's heard that his voice should be "discovered". That's what happened! But it was a long, often rocky road to get there. "Dawidowsky" is a fighter, an optimist who keeps going. Fate proves him right.
For decades, as a successful model, he was the “face” of many well-known fashion company catalogues. He still does that from time to time, especially since he looks even better than he used to for many fans today.

01 Come Into My Life
02 Easy going
03 Urban love
04 Fly Like A Dolphin
05 My Love Song
06 Sometimes Superstars
07 Super One
08 to 99