Dead Man’s Hand - We’ve Decided: Folk! (CD) (5871800156313)

Dead Man's Hand - We've Decided: Folk! (CD)


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After about 120 concerts on the "Sli Na Slainte" tour from Kap Arkona to Fichtelberg and from Görlitz to Reihn, it was finally time for a new album.
"We've decided: Folk!"
And so the four guys managed to create a really party-worthy Irish Folk Rock album. The independent style suits the songs well and so the 13 songs form a healthy mix of original compositions and traditionals that shouldn't be missing from any well-assorted CD shelf.

1 Hills Of Connemara
2 Melody Of The Doomed Row
3 3 gypsies
4 Tell Me Ma
5 Forgotten pints
6John Maynard
7 Sweet heart
8 Leprachaun
9 This Life
10 Plague Ship
11 hip flask
12 Rising Of The Moon
13John Robbins