Dear Wolf - Hello Stars (CD) (5871676555417)

Dear Wolf - Hello Stars (CD)


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"Dear Wolf" creates his own oasis of rocking sounds. Handcrafted music from the indie genre and emotional vocals are the ingredients of "Hello Stars". The band remains true to itself and serves the inclined listener one serving of rock after the other. The musicians from the Lower Rhine do not, however, ignore the slower state of limbo.
"Despite all our experience, every album is always this feeling - like back then, when a new disc was still a journey, an adventure, a soundtrack to one's own existence."
"Hello Stars" is a great record. The synthesis of "the alternative rock of the mid-nineties combined with the indie pop of the last few years" worked perfectly.

01 Sketch of the universe
02 Revenge
03 And the people come
04 God is...
05 Markets of life
06 Fingers bleed
07 Sweet make believe
08 machinery
10 I love
11 lists to the world
12 God is... (Alternative Mix)