Decaying Days - The Unknown Beyond (CD) (5915513749657)

Decaying Days - The Unknown Beyond (CD)


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Decaying Days from Münster have been active in the current lineup since 2015 and are releasing their second long player with "The Unknown Beyond". Originally driven by the melancholy and melody of Finnish death/doom, the songwriting has become more differentiated in recent years.
More complex arrangements and harmonies are combined with elegiac lead guitars and versatile vocals from deep growls to polyphonic clear vocals. "The Unknown Beyond" bears its atmospheric charisma in the name - the unknown future, the unpredictability of life, for which each person will find his personal interpretation.

01 Aeons Of Slumber
02A Distant Memory
03 Into Your Eyes
04 Reflections
05 Embracing Solitude
06 Time Takes Away
07 Falling Down
08 The Unknown Beyond