Delphine Maillard - Love Song(s) (CD) (5871717810329)

Delphine Maillard - Love Song(s) (CD)


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The musician Delphine Maillard comes from Paris and has been living in Berlin for several years. In the meantime, the Frenchwoman has made a name for herself as a singer-songwriter in her adopted country. Delphine writes the lyrics for her songs, which she always composes herself, in French and English.
She accompanies herself live on the electric bass. With this instrument, the graduate of the renowned jazz school in Tours (France) impresses with enchanting melodies, an extraordinary harmonic language and rhythmically refined riffs. Added to this is her love of literature and her fine sense of language, which she expresses in the wonderful poetry of her texts.
Musically, Delphine loves the art of crossover: her songs move with catchy ease between French chanson, funk elements, soft-soul pop ballads and acoustic jazz. The electric bass always forms the basis of their works - the pulsating heart of their songs. Its soft, gently dancing sound movements enchant the audience.
Over this rhythmic bed of sound, the attractive Frenchwoman unfolds her subtle, female-sensual lyrics with her catchy voice — the sunny soul of her music.

01 Super Girl
02 Quand tu joues
03 Just une goutte
04 Matin
05 J'attends
06 Love Song
07 domain
08 Avant ça (Yesterday)
09 colourways
10 Daffodils