Delphine Maillard - Paris (CD) (5871828861081)

Delphine Maillard - Paris (CD)


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It begins like sun after a warm summer rain - lightness and the voice of Delphine Maillard: close and unpretentious, sensual and light, calmly catchy she swings over the rhythmically refined sounds of her music. Delphine Maillard is French and has lived in Berlin for over 10 years. Her second studio album will be released on October 2nd, 2020.
The playfulness of the debut album has given way to clarity and calm. And everything resonates with love, trust and closeness. Being in love has become love. Delphine Maillard writes about the love that is greater than herself - the love between a mother and her child or the love for the one person she trusts completely. In the piece "Paris" vulnerability becomes palpable, the shock after the terrorist attack in Bataclan is deep - she sings about the calm after the incomprehensible, about a sadness without consolation: "Paris, mon coeur, Paris, ma douleur, Paris, je pleure , Paris " ("Paris, my heart, Paris, my pain, Paris, I cry, Paris").
This second album alternates between chanson, folk and jazz. It is stillness and rhythm in one and has the gentle clarity of an embrace. On her second album she gives us 11 French songs, which in their musical and linguistic virtuosity and their touching intimacy seem like an island at this time - a possibility of closeness and encounter.

01 Dors, mon enfant
02 Garçon timid
03 Tes yeux
05 Une fois
06 Le blues de l'eau
07 A l'ombre
08 A Love In Bloom
09 Dans cette chambre
10 My Child
11 La chanson de Malo