Denis Schmitz - Nuances (CD) (5871820046489)

Denis Schmitz - Nuances (CD)


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The shimmering evening air of the Alhambra, the reverent tranquility of the centuries-old Irish monastery at Glendalough, the sounds of its great role models. The young guitarist Denis Schmitz combines all of this on his second solo album Nuances, on which, contrary to today's zeitgeist, he gives the filigree, well-mused sounds of his 6- and 7-string instruments room to develop.
In addition to works by famous jazz greats such as Pat Metheny and Ralph Towner, his new album also contains his own compositions for the first time, in which he not only demonstrates his technically brilliant playing but also his compositional craft. Especially in his title composition Nuances he draws the fine line between euphony and twilight, between unyielding monotony and irascible temperament - maybe even between genius and madness. Because it is often just those "nuances" that are able to balance such a composition on the cutting edge. The real highlight of the album, however, are the "Seven Short Pieces" by the Austrian jazz guitarist and composer Wolfgang Muthspiel, which he gave him specifically for the first recording and which will certainly be an integral part of the repertoire in a few years. A single pleasure, not only for the ears.

01 Sacred Place
02 Glendalough
03 James
04 Albaicín
05 To Mick
06 shades
07 Seven Short Pieces (Opening)
08 Seven Short Pieces (Triplet Droplet)
09 Seven Short Pieces (Locrian Star)
10 Seven Short Pieces (Aeolian Fall)
11 Seven Short Pieces (canon)
12 Seven Short Pieces (Open View)
13 Seven Short Pieces (6/8 For Zsófia)