DenkMal - Glaub an Dich (CD) (5900412321945)

DenkMal - Believe in yourself (CD)


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It rocks, and not too tight. DenkMal are back and this time with 13 songs. After their EP "We set a sign" hit the German rock scene in 2018, it was only a matter of time before a complete album was needed.
The five guys from Hamburg locked themselves in the rehearsal room and studio for almost two years in order to be able to present the album “Believe in You!” to the Republic.
It will be available everywhere on October 30th, 2020 - on the same day it should rotate in the player of every Deutschrock fan.
The quintet has managed to top the energy of the debut EP and convinces with melodic refrains and fat riffs. Emotional ballads like the song "Träne" show that the boys can't just play hard. The long player is determined above all by wide walls of guitars in a rocking 4/4 time.
As a treat, fans - and those who should definitely become fans - can listen to two pre-singles: "So ist das Leben" has already been released and "Upside down in hell" will follow on October 2nd, 2020.
Whether in the clubs of the Hamburg scene, on the stages of Germany or in the MP3 player in our ears, DenkMal is rightly one of the current insider tips of the German rock scene that you should have seen and, above all, heard.

01 Monument
02 Headfirst into Hell
03 Believe in yourself
04 friendship
05 tear
06 How many years
07 light
08 Get up
09 That's life
10 madness this time
11 Raise your hands
12 It has come
13 Today is not every day