Der Ole - Durch die Zeit (12" Vinyl-Album) (6088960540825)

The Ole - Through Time (12" vinyl album)


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Ton Steine ​​Scherben, Die Toten Hosen, Blind Guardian, Rainbirds, Wizo, Terrorgruppe, Slime. When musicians and former musicians from the bands mentioned are united on one album, it becomes clear that no normal sound carrier is being released here.
Der Ole's second solo album was produced with great attention to detail for almost a year. 124 guest musicians from 26 countries around the world shake hands at Durch die Zeit. In addition to musicians from the well-represented German punk rock scene - including from Betontod, Planlos, Massendefekt, Sondaschule and Normahl - there are also Popstars winner Markus Grimm (Nu Pagadi), actor Mars Saibert (Unter Uns, The Voice of Germany) and the Berliner Diane Weigmann can be heard on the new album.
Through Time is a musical, biographical and collective work of art, with which the former Massendefekt front singer is fulfilling a longstanding wish. Stories from real life are told with creative and provocative rhetoric. The Big Band plays loud and soft, emotional and hard, influenced by punk, pop and rock.

01 I want a Mohawk (Intro)
02 The hour
03 Only one life
04 Dancing Angels (with Planlos)
05 The girl from the Chateau Rikx
06 The blackbird with the thrush beard
07 The Wild Rover
08 Mimi Mandalay
09 Through time
10 bull state
11 You and me
12 Not to be defeated