Der Ole - We must live (CD)
Der Ole - We must live (CD)

Der Ole - We must live (CD)


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Welcome to Neverland! DER OLE has reopened its very personal playground and is releasing the new album " Wir muss leben " not only digitally, on CD and vinyl, but also as a fan box including the CD " Heimathafen ". And because playing alone is no fun, exciting guests play along again. So cabaret legend and actor Ottfried Fischer can be heard in two pieces. Accompanied by Helmut Zerlett 's organ, this time it's not German punk but sports legends who sing along. Among them Olympic champion and weight lifter Matthias Steiner, table tennis world champions Jörg Roßkopf and Steffen Fetzner , trainer guru Erich Rutemöller , referee Dr. Markus Merk , BVB legend Norbert Dickel , Frank Ordenewitz or ex-Liverpool striker Sean Dundee .
"If every album didn't have its own character and its own special features, I wouldn't produce any more records," says the Niederrheiner. The second solo album "Durch die Zeit", which was able to land in almost all charts - including number 35 in the German album charts - and was awarded the German Rock and Pop Prize for the best German-language sound carrier of the year, was also included Over 120 guests, including Vom Ritchie (Die Toten Hosen), Thomen Stauch (Blind Guardian), Alex Schwers (Slime), Archi (terrorist group), Michael Beckmann (Rainbirds) and many more.
Since the former Massendefekt front singer moderated a show on Austrian television in 2018, he has been involved again in his own way. The musical foster child of the deceased Wölli Rohde (Die Toten Hosen) has become a globetrotter who spends days touring through Europe and last year even played in the Principality of Monaco.

01 Ring Three (Intro)
02 From the clown
03 Caroline
04 In your dreams
05 The end is here
06 Mainstream baby
07 Self is man
08 fists up
09 Am I (With the King)
10 Doberman
11 Akima
12 The bitch of the industry