Der To - Hand aufs Herz (CD)

The To - hand on heart (CD)


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Hand on heart - the fifth album by DER TO, aka Tonja and at the same time his best work to date for the 12th anniversary.
In the last year, the Celler native often asked himself how other musicians were doing in this crazy Corona period. When you can't do what you love to do - which is go out and make music. But quitting was never an option for Tonja.
This is how two musicians crossed his path, who were to play a key role in the creation and implementation of "Hand aufs Herz" over the past 18 months. It didn't require a large production studio to record. In the small music studio of bassist Ingo, together with guitarist Kai and Tonja, 13 songs were created that have it all.
With Ingo and Kai he has two companions at his side who understand, complement and perfect his musical goals, visions and his attention to detail. A dream team has been found and the result of many evenings of intensive work on each individual song leaves no doubt about it.
Tonja's motto that life itself writes the most beautiful songs has once again come true. Regardless of whether things go up or down, whether a lockdown massively restricts freedom or fears about the future cause sleepless nights - as a convinced optimist, Tonja always looks ahead, because even difficult times and stumbling blocks are acceptable if you can learn from them.
With songs like "Family Ties" he hits the nerve of all people whose hearts get heavy when thoughts wander back to their mother, father and siblings from childhood days. A very personal song, through which Tonja lets his listeners look into his own soul.
"Hand aufs Herz" takes us into a wide variety of emotions and feelings - warm, casual, melancholic, danceable, critical are just a few of the feelings that Tonja, Ingo and Kai give words and melodies to in their very special way. Surprisingly different than before and yet very clear and unmistakable THE TO.

1. The dreamer
2. Ten
3. Cross your heart
4. Heart lost
5. From punk to dad
6. Traps
7. Black & White
8. Family ties
9. Summerlong
10. Quicksand
11. For an Amen
12. Mirror Image
13. Only here