Der To - Worauf warten wir (CD) (5871730065561)

The To - What are we waiting for (CD)


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The young Celle artist Tonja alias "Der To" ( has been making German-language music since he was 16 years old. With the catchy melodies and honest lyrics, he cast a spell over his listeners right from the start, so that the fan community grew steadily. In 2012 his debut "Gute Reise" was released and a year later his second album "Auf das Leben".
This year follows with "What are we waiting for" album number three, which will be released in spring 2016 and will be touring extensively throughout Germany with "Der To" and his band. Again there are pop-rock songs that people can identify with. Everything is there: from melancholic, thoughtful to rocking, danceable. "Der To" finds its own personal way to the ear and heart of the listener in every song.
In Celle, "Der To" has been known and loved for a long time and is represented at many concerts and festivals. But even beyond Celle's borders, he is receiving more and more invitations to various events on large and small stages. "Der To" is accompanied by his bandmates Dirk (bass), Ralf (drums), Holger (keyboard).

01 Dance with me
02 Against me
03 Carefree
04 Only with you
05 Your day - your new life
06 My port
07 What are we waiting for
08 Goodbye
09 Too late
10 Invisible
11 I don't run anymore