Der Zauberkoch … - Hörspiel von Martin Bolik mit Heinz Hoenig (3CD) (5871710339225)

The magic cook ... - radio play by Martin Bolik with Heinz Hoenig (3CD)


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Take an elaborate, demanding (quote Helmut Krauss) radio play production with Heinz Hoenig, Sabine Kaack, Helmut Krauss, Santiago Ziesmer (voice of Spongebob), Eckart Dux (voice of Gandalf), Fabian Harloff, Jessi Wahls (No Angels), music by Volker Schlag (X Factor), Rolf Zuckowski, Land Unter, Jessi Wahls, Wagner, Brahms and Grieg, involve children/young people in life-shaping situations as main actors and producers and let the last great European children's film director Rolf Losansky (Moritz in the advertising pillar) Direct and then cook a hands-on radio play for children with language disabilities – taste the whole thing for a year as a taste test in schools and take excerpts from it to the radio play.
And for the premiere, the radio play will be broadcast in a special radio version every day for 9 weeks plus reports on MDR Figarino.... a dream? Yes, a dream that came true and is just beginning: "The Magic Cook and the Shadows of the Dreamless".

disk 1
1. Prologue: Let The Fires Burn
2. Chapter 1: The Rainbow Gate (Logbook The Clipper Cog, Time: Enough)
3. Chapter 2: The Fall (Logbook The Clipper Cog, Time: None)
4. Chapter 3: When Colors Freeze (Clipper Cog Log, Time: Ice Age)

disk 2
1. Chapter 4: The Hero From The Dike (Logbook The Clipper Cog, Time: Blue Hour)
2. Chapter 5: The Clipper Cog (Logbook The Clipper Cog, Time: None)
3. Chapter 6: Pepperland Has Burned Down (Clipper Cog Log, Time: In the Near Future)

disk 3
1. Chapter 7: The Wise Whale (Logbook The Clipper Cog, Time: Standstill) …