Der Berndt - Tree Of Knowledge (CD) (5871776891033)

Der Berndt - Tree Of Knowledge (CD)


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Behind "der Berndt" is none other than Thomas Berndt - keyboarder of the legendary Tinsel Town Rebellion Band, who brought international stages to a boil at the end of the 90s. Known in Aachen for the band Klangfahrer, Mufab and his podcast “Inspiration Musik”. His musical experiences are complex and stylistically open.
A wide variety of influences and ideas flow together in his new trio. "Everything that pleases is processed". Highly emotional lyrical moments stand alongside driving ostinato rhythms. E-piano sounds are modulated, distorted and smash towards the listener. Hall spaces and voice sounds open up new dimensions.
Is that jazz or rock or what? "It doesn't matter," says Berndt. His two companions Johannes Vos (double bass, tuba, voice) and Gerd Breuer (drums, voice) are just as experimental, experienced and equally entitled. The creative process is here divided and multiplied by three.
You just don't have to be surprised if a little brass band with tuba appears on stage, the three musicians sing a weird vocal melody or the stage outfit doesn't correspond at all to the usual cliché of a quasi-jazz combo. "Give us the stage and we'll rock the house"

1. Spongy
2. Loss
3. Emoplosion
4. Tack
5. Tree Of Knowledge
6. You Gotta Go Little Alien Girl
7. Samsara I
8. Reminder
9. Vanishing
10. Skunk
11. Samsara II