Die Böhmischen Drei-Zehn - Ein Groover aus der Küche (CD) (5871698903193)

The Bohemian Three-Ten - A Groover from the Kitchen (CD)


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Bohemian brass music served in a sophisticated way, the Bohemian Three-Ten have dedicated themselves to this motto with heart and soul. 15 musicians present Bohemian and Egerland brass music: sophisticated and cheeky interpretations.
Even though your style was influenced by the "early" Ernst Mosch, you nevertheless lend the catchy melodies your very own refreshing note. This can be heard on their debut work "Ein Groove aus der Küche", a CD that is a colorful mixture of well-known classics and rarely recorded works.
The Bohemian Three-Ten promise good entertainment on stage. The show is not neglected and the spectators can look forward to smart excursions into jazz. Whether Oktoberfest, morning pint or evening event - the Bohemian Thirteen provide exciting and atmospheric concerts.

01 Pepper & Salt
02 Mushroom Polka
03 By candlelight
04 Dampfnudelpolka
05 A groove from the kitchen
06 poppy seed box
07 Egerland delicacies
08 children's eyes
09 A toast to coziness
10 We are very thirsty
11 A Groove From The Kitchen (Instrumental)
12 A Toast to Coziness (Instrumental)
13 We Are Thirsty (Instrumental)