Die Habenichtse - Heckenpennerutopie (CD) (5871825518745)

The Have-Nots - Hedgebum Utopia (CD)


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With their third album Heckenpennerutopia, the have-nots, the happy hedge bums from next door, create a brave new world full of scrounging, freedom and drunkenness with a lot of wink, but also one or two serious overtones. 10 songs, exclusively selected, deprived, ironed and polished, give face and voice to the hedge bum utopia.
The whole thing is presented in acoustic beggar folk in the have-nots way - with guitar, bass, accordion and polyphonic singing, expanded for the first time by drums and saxophone. Danceable, drinkable, absurd, thought-provoking, sad-comical, just as the have-nots imagine the perfect world.
Heckenpennerutopia is for anyone who likes handcrafted German-speaking folk with a strong comedic focus. For anyone who is into the Middle Ages or Fantasy and likes to party and for anyone who likes music that may be a bit crazy at times, but is heartfelt.
A brave new world for your home!

1. Hedgebum Utopia
2. Freedom Dance
3. Ode to underpants
4. Freedom Poetry
5. It's.time
6. Survival
7. Bierzeps
8. Tankard Sticks
9. Katyusha
10. Leave the boy alone