Die Habenichtse - Trinkpause! (CD) (5871763521689)

The Have Nots - Drink Break! (CD)


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With their second album, the Habenichtse invite you to a big “drink break!” And the scruffy gang brought the right music with them. With their dirty-happy beggar folk they give valuable tips for breaks and free time activities, along with leg-swinging swaying and escalating dancing fun. In doing so, they clear up one or the other misunderstanding, express their opinion and even the heart is served.
The have-nots tell new things about their lives and you can hear in every note of the 10 beggar hymns that the joy of playing inspires the gutter. A gang of happy beggars for home - treat yourself to your drinking break!.

01 Beggar at sea
02 Greedy and lazy
03 Better dirty than brown
04 Gutter Swallow
05 King Theobald
06 The last light
07 There is still time for death
08 Pirates!
09 We are not fat
10 Pick up your jars, lift up your jars