The Luke Wild Diaries - The Mystery of Sorgemoos (How It All Began) [mp3 Download]
The Luke Wild Diaries - The Mystery of Sorgemoos (How It All Began) [mp3 Download]

The Luke Wild Diaries - The Mystery of Sorgemoos (How It All Began) [mp3 Download]


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Martin Boliks new podcast radio play series "Luke Wild" gets a 60-minute broadcast feature on NDR on May 1st (NDR Info , Mikado at 8 a.m.). At the same time, the series will start on TIMEZONE Records, Spotify and co on Walpurgis Night on May 1st. With this, the successful podcast and legend radio play offer of the "Brockenbande" from the Harz Mountains is now being enriched with a new fabulous podcast radio play format. Since the start in summer 2022 on , Luke Wild and the Brockenbande have attracted attention nationwide and recorded over 300,000 hits in the first week. Luke Wild is voiced in the studio and on stage by Erik Elias Bolik . Background: The Harz Mountain Radio with “Paul” (Martin Bolik), “Luke Wild” (Erik Elias Bolik ), his “Brockenbande” and Rabe Pjotr ​​(Santiago Ziesmer) have been broadcasting free radio podcasts and radio plays on since June 2022 and Harzer themed world documentaries. The audio productions of the Brockenbande, like the stories about Luke Wild, come from the international radio play maker Martin Bolik . His speakers also come from Switzerland and Spain, among others. His new story is about Luke Wild 's diaries and the big secret of the small (fictional) Harz town of Sorgemoos. Luke's first adventure begins exactly on his 13th birthday on Walpurgis Night. And just like Harz Mountain Radio moderator Paul looks down on his model railway from Sorgemoos, we can also dive into the world of Luke Wild with the first 5 radio play chapters - into his adventures in the small Harz town of Sorgemoos - with only one street , one pub ( the "head nut bar"), a flower shop (with a Hawaiian flower woman and a parrot), a charcoal burner (with such smoky language that nobody can understand him anymore), a baker (whose wife has disappeared in a cake), a steam train station (with Luke's retreat - a old HSB goods wagon - and the HSB locomotive "Erika") and its own radio station (in an old border tower). Luke's adventures always begin there in the transmission tower in the radio show of Paul alias Mr. Crocodile, who recreates the respective adventure in Luke's world on his model railway... sometimes even before anything happens in Sorgemoos. In the first season, which is told over a diary period of 32 days, a person or animal disappears from Sorgemoos every day and in an extremely mysterious way, because their figures on radio host Paul's model railway always disappear first shortly before. Some soon reappear, others remain gone, and still others reappear not who or what they used to be. More will not be revealed yet.
As usual, producer and author Martin Bolik has not only “real Harzers” but also well-known voices in his “Cinema for your ears”: Santiago Ziesmer (voice of Spongebob ), Heinz Hoenig, Michelle Winter (Girls, Supernatural), Anne Korf ( The Little Prince) and Eckart Dux (voice of Gandalf). What is special about this "Cinema for the Ears": The model railway in the Harz Mountain Radio can also be seen as the scene of the mysterious events - as a photo diary and small film sequences on and youtube . It is designed by Anna Maria Bolik . The Wuppertal model railway workshop also supplies original building scenes. TILLIG Modellbahnen donated the locomotives and produced the original Luke Wild HSB narrow-gauge freight car, which also went into series production on May 1st. More information on this and

Marta: Anne Korf
Mano: Lorraine Rösch
Henry: Louis Bolik
Shepherd Silva: Stephanie Kindermann
Frido: Felix Senne
Radio presenter : Anna Maria Bolik
Koehler Karl: Andreas Utta
And as Winni the Wanderer: Eckart Dux
In other roles : Anna Pein , Emilie Daubner, Hannah Kähnert , Ida Steinert , Sofia Nalborczyk , Helmut Krauss , Jessica Wahls, Sandy Steinhauer, Maddie Pagenkemper , Ines Peinemann , Mika Hochapfel, Julian Hammel , Felix Mahler , and Niklas Wienert Hannah Hoffman
Recordings: Andreas Blum , Oskar Weber
Noises: The TGD project group paradise
Music : Strandheizung, And i Völker, Volker and Billy Ray Schlag , Skip Must and Joris Thij s