Die Quittung - Näher am Ergebnis (CD) (5871816736921)

The Receipt - Closer to the Result (CD)


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The receipt is the answer to the question of the answer to the question. Receipt will be made where many stop looking. Too much speed, too much information, too much of everything needs an outlet. Without a therapeutic approach, the acknowledgment brings clarity to the tangle of a generation without outrage. A generation whose "victims just have to chill". A generation in which so much is said on so many levels and in the end nothing is said. Stunned, Abstract, Unclear, Don't give a fuck. Those from above understood us long ago. The receipt brings you closer to the result. Without being anything. Arrive. Home.
Then there are two on the stage. One of the songs writes, drums his heart out, plays on old and new synthesizers and on top of that he sings, talks, screams and raps his stories. The other brings the energy from within to the outside via the guitar. Blasts and hurls its lines and waves across the instrument through the amp right in the audience's face. At times everything dissolves into a trance in a herbaceous cloud of noise and at the same time finds itself in the clichéd melodies that have all been injected into our musical DNA over the last few decades. If we want to or not.
Today the copy of the copy becomes the original. Retro is puked in all corners of the musical landscape. And everyone thinks it's cool. Thanks for nothing! What always happens is what you do yourself. The "one scene" never existed and never will. When it gets concrete, everyone pulls their tails in. Who still dares what? And what is that supposed to be? Everything already been there. Kind of music please! format! Immediately! Where are you going, sir? How about a ride into the unknown? Safety is a top priority here. There is withdrawal. Wait for the ambulance to come. And nothing can grow. This garden lacks the natural fertilizer, the healthy shit that makes everything bloom and tears the ever-searching smombies and meditation junkies off their tablets. Awaken! Immediately!
Sometimes you have the feeling that you are always against it but still doing the right thing. This is probably the case for more and more people. Who is really getting along? Probably nobody. And at the end everyone gets "The Receipt".

1. Forest
2nd city
3. Calm
4th room
5. Come come come
6. Glow
7. Now you are free
8. Clarity
9. At home
10. By the river