Dieter Hallervorden - Ihr macht mir Mut (in dieser Zeit) (CD) (5871729934489)

Dieter Hallervorden - You give me courage (at this time) (CD)

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For his 80th birthday he lets it rip again with a new song: "You make me courage (at this time)" is a homage to his audience, who in the hardest times "in the fight against lying professionals" ("always rush , don't file long, cool for cool headlines") always stood by him and was "more than just an audience" even in difficult hours. The song was placed in various hit lists (eg airplay charts and number 1 of the NDR 1 Lower Saxony hit parade) shortly after the preliminary internet release.
The refrain is catchy and should encourage everyone who, like Dieter Hallervorden, doesn't want to go along with all the newspaper canards, war-enthusiastic reporting and every reason of state ("You don't have to, don't you see, be anti-American") and oppose the mainstream. The text was written jointly by Dieter Hallervorden, Isaak Herzog and Johannes Hallervorden, who is also often on Facebook with a sharp tongue. The music comes from the Thuringian musicians of the rock band EMMA, who, like Hallervorden, didn't have much to laugh about in the GDR. What can't be said about this song.

01 You encourage me (at this time) – Long Version
02 Oh dear, Vau woe
03 You encourage me (at this time) - radio version
04 Oh my, Vau Woe – Video Mix
05 You give me courage (at this time) - Official music video
06 Oh dear, Vau Weh – Official music video