Dietrich Kittner - Live 3 (CD) (5948064497817)

Dietrich Kittner - Live 3 (CD)


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The 25th program. 2 CDs, 150 minutes.

"Dietrich Kittner gains a lot of cutting power from the otherwise toothless cabaret."
(Stuttgart Newspaper)

“An alert head sweeps through the political lowlands like an intellectual whirlwind. In times of rampant infantile comedy giggles, Kittner holds up the banner of political cabaret – a fantastic logician, even in terms of language.”
(Nuremberg News)

disk 1

01 Muted punch lines
02 festivals
03 About funds
04 We sleepers
05 song about the compulsions
06 About Euromans

disk 2
01 About Freedom to Travel (with a text by the Federal Ministry of the Interior)
02 The inn on the Spree
03 sorry