Dietrich Kittner - Progressive Nostalgie (Die frühen Jahre, 5-CD-Box) (5CD) (5965375209625)

Dietrich Kittner - Progressive Nostalgia (The Early Years, 5-CD box) (5CD)


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Just in time for Kittner's 50th stage anniversary in February 2010, a 5-CD box was released. The collection essentially includes previously unpublished rarities from Kittner's sound archive as well as rare recordings that have not previously been available on CD.

1. Song of the sorrow articlelers
2. Quake with the bomb
3. Emergency Serenade
4. Pause Filler
5. Balance through the tube
6. Scissors Song
7. Lesson on Righteousness
8. Song of the Two Kinds of Consciences
9. Application to the government
10. Social partnership
11. Minority Regulation Act
12. Song about the subtle differences in emigration
13. Ballad of the 50 Pfennig Tariff
14. Forward with the red dot
15. Sympathizers
16. One way street
17. The life help of Dr. Baldwin
18. Stray Sandman

1. Mark champions take them on
2. Matte way
3. Narrow society
4. RRRevolutionary song for the meek
5. Empty
6. The Commentary
7. The anachronistic train
8. From one who went forth to learn from fears
9. Beautiful economy
10. Slow waltz from the development of freedom

1. Soldiers' song in the subjunctive
2. Girls in Uniform
3. General Studies
4. Heaven and Earth
5. Knowledge is power
6. The finer kind
7. The state critic
8. The patched up kit
9. Suffering thread for well-meaning social democrats
10th Social Democratic Party Congress
11. Comrade Trend speaks
12. Prize Salad

1. The Lübeck Morality
2. We tackle it
3. Song of the SA man
4. Battle song against private frustration

1. Songwriter, surfing
2nd federal press conference, classic
3. My God, Helmut
4. Poetry
5. Opportunities
6. automaton song
7. Idle Years
8. Screen Ways II
9. Special train to Hamburg
10. Class essay
11. Freedom instead of Or
12. Allende lives
13. Little Stock Doctrine
14. Federal German Heimatlied