Dirk Loombeek - Schillerpark (CD) (5915514077337)

Dirk Loombeek - Schiller Park (CD)


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"Come on, arm yourself, if you like. I'll get you through the day today and show you the Schillerpark."

With these opening lines, the Berlin singer and photographer Dirk Loombeek invites us to follow him through his Wedding on his 5th album Schillerpark (Hörrausch / Timezone). We accompany him through the eponymous park (“North Wind”, “In the Most Beautiful Colors”), learn about a shy first love after the fall of the Berlin Wall (“1990”) and stand in the middle of a party in Wedding, where we have Jarvis Cocker as a DJ at the Watching work ("Jarvis and I").
In ten new pop songs, Dirk Loombeek underscores what Deutschlandfunk once said about him: "Dirk Loombeek is a songwriter who still masters his craft."

01 Schiller Park
02 The golden light
03 A strange day
04 Anytime
05 north wind
06 Jarvis and I
07 1990
08 In the most beautiful colors
09 Marlene
10 When summer rain falls