Dirty Black Shirts - The One (CD) (5871822962841)

Dirty Black Shirts - The One (CD)


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Unfiltered, honest and direct - an unexcited, exciting band with honest lyrics and a lot of pressure. Music that sounds like Doors, Lemmy, Dylan, Dirt and Stones. Downright grounded 70s rock with blues and folk and everything that goes unfiltered straight through your ears to your heart. Songwriter, guitarist and singer Alexander Lipan tells stories about the search for meaning, life as a journey, the sea and love as a harbor that you reach just as much as long as you have to leave again full of wanderlust.
The music paints the pictures of the texts in a varied way, but always with emphasis and thrust. With Adrian Müller on bass and Elmar Lappe on drums, the shirts form and create an intense sound world that convinces with complex straightforwardness and playful variety. Whoever listens to the music of the Dirty Black Shirts quickly realizes how well the musicians get along. In a friendly groove there is always a wink and a deep basic trust in the others. Music begins where words end. And so, text and sound merge into an impressive entity that casts a spell over the audience that lasts long after the show.
Without reinventing the wheel, the Dirty Black Shirts tell their stories in a way that makes everyone vibrate with their honesty and clarity. And that's what music is actually about: empathizing with others and the emotional dialogue from person to person - the foundation for peaceful coexistence.

01 On The Road
02 So Long Goodbye
03 Purgatory
04 Lonesome Tonight
05 Too Hot To Be Mine
06 Firemen (feat. Hanno Busch)
07 Jeanine
08 The One
09 Seafarer's Song (feat. Kristin Shey)
10 Nightfall
11 Last Words
12 Down By The River
13 Otherside