DOCTORHOOD - Autopilot (CD) (5900411601049)

Doctorhood - Autopilot (CD)


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For a select group of regular concert-goers, the Osnabrück band Doctorhood is considered an underground institution. The band regularly remains under the radar of the press and media, solitary entangled current affairs and world history in breakneck cynical, sometimes seemingly radical performances.
According to their own statements, Doctorhood is a living sub-subculture. Since 1994 she has pursued a genre-independent, eclectic way of working. Various musical styles are integrated into the band's sound: from the songwriter scenario with a touch of depression to grindcore, punk, progressive rock or country, Doctorhood uses various stylistic devices that are necessary for the thematic implementation of their song themes.
The rare live performances are each unique. Intermediate moderations and performance elements only take place once. You often only find out about these performances through word-of-mouth propaganda. Or you pass notes to each other. The audience is always interactively involved in the course of the concert, and is often pelted with "Kladüsen", which also visually support the verbal contributions called out to the audience. In the sense of a very old Rock'n'Roll idea, the respective venues are usually - well, let's say: left somewhat untidy after being thrown with "Kladüsen". Just rock'n'roll.
After four albums by the band, none of which were intended for sale, Doctorhood's fifth album "Autopilot" will be available over the counter for the first time.

01 Promised Land
02 Sold Out
03 autopilot
04 Ballooning
05 The Mayan Prophecy Pt. I
06 Ferryman's Revenge
07 The Fish
08 The Mayan Prophecy Pt. II
09 Rock'n'Roll Convenience
10 negative growth
11 The Tyrant Ego