Dogtown Winos - The Price Is Your Soul (CD) (5871758901401)

Dogtown Winos - The Price Is Your Soul (CD)


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The Dogtown Winos are simply pure Rock'n'Roll. "High Energy Rock", as the Winos call their music, sums it up exactly: real and straight from life.
Old school meets modern, heaviness meets melody, loud meets quiet and nonsense meets serious. The Dogtown Winos are rock entertainment live, because they are not satisfied until the last person in front of, on or under the stage has a big grin on their face. The guys give everything on stage. Sweat, blood and tears are in their live performance and you can feel it.
On June 23rd, 2017, the Dogtown Winos will release their first studio album "The Price is Your Soul" and show how their "High Energy Rock" sounds on record. Works that have already been released are the live album "Live at the Villa: the official bootleg" and a cooperation with the multimedia artist Patrick Houben: "Urban Warfare - Patrick Houben vs. Dogtown Winos"

1. Hands up, boy
3.fuck you for breaking my heart
4.that little chick rain robber man
7. into the fire
8. sucker for love
9.fade away
10.ain't gettin' better
11.get fucked, i saw your belly
13. long hard road (feat. Michael L. Bonus Track)