Don Kurdelius & Mindless Orchestra - Universe (12" Vinyl-Album)

Don Kurdelius & The Mindless Orchestra - Universe (12" vinyl album)


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Universe, the title of Don Kurdelius And The Mindless Orchestra's new album, describes what many of us have encountered in the last period of time... You find yourself in your own little cosmos, shielded from the rest of the universe. Self-discovery...isn't it so...? In order to make it bearable and to improve the situation as soon as possible, the call is: "Come On Everybody"!... to walk through these strange times in a funky-grooving way and prevent worse.
"Slow Down" is the call to slow down, to consciously breathe fresh air, because "It", which we don't want to name here, is spreading.
Yes, we have the blues....yes and..?
...Discover the "Wonderful" seeming things around you and don't focus too much on yourself. Move and dance in big circles to the polka...!
And don't we also encounter this phenomenon regularly: HÄ..??... what kind of uncontrolled madness is actually happening here, here, in our small world, ... somehow I feel "Far From Home", ... far away from the...maybe...good or even better universe...questions and thoughts...
"Ahead" says it rocking rigorously: away, I'm coming and everything has to go. so what?...isn't it also important to find your own way and to advance courageously...yes..yes..let's go..
..on to the "revolution"!! Bring more love, understanding, empathy, consideration, support andandand.....all the good things in the here and now, our "Universe"!!
Love, Peace And International Understanding!!!

01 Come On Everybody
02 Ahead
03 Wonderful
04 Slow Down
05 Far From Home
06 Revolution