Don Kurdelius & Mindless Orchestra - Smile (CD) (5871771156633)

Don Kurdelius & The Mindless Orchestra - Smile (CD)


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A good friend of the band talks about the end of the pop music winter, sucking on his herb wick with a big smile on his face and a grin on his face. He feels kidnapped in a moment of fine, sympathetic intelligence, floats through the room, but is suddenly torn out of his lethargy by a sound explosion of a special kind and finds himself dancing under the disco ball.
He feels inspired, liberated, thinks of a colorful trip in the VW hippie bus. The sun rises and he moves with his pretty girl, arm in arm, through unlimited expanses. But even at night, this sound is able to convey a certain warmth, so that the light definitely returns and the recurring fun can be seen in every face...
That's what Don Kurdelius And The Mindless Orchestra aim for: They transport emotions, uncover human madness, cross borders, don't allow themselves to be pigeonholed - sensitive music collages, dancing rhythms, fantastic grooves, glowing harmonies and above all a lot Fun.
From a musical point of view, the band can perhaps be described as follows: They move in a jazzy-funky soul world that is enriched with pop and modern soundscapes. The character of the band from Osnabrück reflects the irrepressible curiosity in experimenting, the limitless expanse of the musical cosmos and the inexhaustible joy of discovering and rewriting our own and foreign universes. They themselves also describe what they do as a cosmopolitan mess, spurred on by their thoughtful playing full of harmony.

1. Again Again
2.Thru The Middle
3. Smile
4. Where The Money
5. Lucky In Love
6. All My Sources
7. Let Me Sway
8. My Game
9. Keep going
10. Let Me Sway (Live)
11. Thru The Middle (Live)