Donkey Pilots - Serious Men (CD) (5906922635417)

Donkey Pilots - Serious Men (CD)


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Even more charged, mature and emotional than on their debut, the Donkey Pilots make it clear on their second long player "Serious Man": more of everything! Here all the stops of dirty retro rock cutlery are pulled out.
From songs recorded live to vintage recordings on tape to the Hammond organ, which was recorded by none other than organ and keyboard legend Don Airey (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore and many others) and further refines this work, everything is there included.
Coupled with the creative production work of the musical jack-of-all-trades Tobias "b. Interpretation" Unterberg (Inchtabokatables, Subway to Sally, New Model Army, Peter Gabriel), all this makes "Serious Men" an album that seems to be cast from a single mould.
With their new album "Serious Men", the unmistakable touch of the Donkey Pilots and their motto: "Who are we that we jump on crazy trains? We are pilots and not tramps!” in their luggage, they defy every convention with great passion, create and serve their very own idea of ​​rock music and dirty blues. And preferably live with your audience!
It would be fatal to miss the complexity and quality of this band, somewhere in space and time between Rock, Blues, Alternative, Americana, Indie, Folk, UK and America!

01 The howl
02 No right
03 One beer man
04 Hotel Rio
05 This isn't LA
06 Babylon Road
07 Soulsucker
08 Blunt and blonde
09 Kerosene in my genes
10 Budweiser Blues
11 zonk out in a 30 zone
12 elevator to bright