Dozzler & Van Merwyk - Darkest Night (CD) (5871737208985)

Dozzler & Van Merwyk - Darkest Night (CD)


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With "Darkest Night" two internationally recognized blues artists, Christian Dozzler & Michael van Merwyk, celebrate their debut as a duo. In 2012, the two Europeans (who have known each other since working together on the Larry Garner album "Embarassment to the Blues") met again by chance in Memphis and made plans for a joint project there. After a first, successful European tour, these two world-class players now show all their skills on "Darkest Night".
Born in Vienna and now based in Dallas, Christian Dozzler is a highly esteemed representative of the piano blues, who is also a master at playing the harmonica and accordion. His partner, German multi-instrumentalist Michael van Merwyk, first gained experience performing hundreds of times in his home country and in recent years has taken the international stage by storm.
On "Darkest Night" the two six-footers present the finest handmade acoustic blues. Among the total of 13 titles is one or the other blues rarity that has fallen into oblivion, some of which are almost 100 years old. So the duo show a deep respect for tradition - but don't want to stay in the past.
In one day, during a relaxed recording session, they also resorted to a number of titles from their own pen. Several tracks composed by Dozzler, such as "Long Cold Winter" or "Try To Forget", rely on the skill and power of his barrelhouse-style piano playing; rounded off by van Merwyk's sensitive acoustic guitar, they awaken the spirit of such legendary duos as Big Maceo Merriweather & Tampa Red or Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell. His ballad "A Million Miles" sounds much more modern and even suggests the country luminary Willie Nelson. (The Texas decade seems to have rubbed off on Dozzler.) Van Merwyk's song contributions include the groovy uptempo number "Good Lovin'" as well as the memorable co-written by Larry Garner "Ain't No Bluesman." The elegant, heartfelt title track "Darkest Night" is almost more impressive: here the longing sound of the lapsteel guitar is subtly and effectively supported by the piano. The exuberant instrumental "Sir Wilson's Bounce" conjures up the boogie-woogie spirit of the 1940s and leaves you wanting more.
After the release of "Darkest Night" in spring 2014, Dozzler & van Werwyk set out under the motto "Four Meters of Blues" and toured extensively through Europe again. One thing also becomes clear live through their skilful handling of older blues jewels and new, own pieces: These two musicians are not only great, but also great.

01 Good Loving
02 I Can't Sleep
03 I'm Gonna Rock Some More
04 Ain't No Bluesman
05 Some cold and rainy day
06 Loose Lips
07 Long Cold Winter
08 A Million Miles
09 Black Ace
10 I'll try to forget
11 Sir Wilson's Bounce
12 It's Alright
13 Darkest Night