Dr. Hans Nehoda - Abraxas (Musik & Poesie) (3CD) (5871697625241)

dr Hans Nehoda - Abraxas (Music & Poetry) (3CD)


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Abraxas is a gripping, epic reportage reflecting on our becoming and becoming, on the we and the ego in this complex world as well as on the power and transformation and the rediscovery of the beauty of life. The audio book Abraxas is a multi-layered examination of these topics .
It is an exciting artistic intertwining of text and language as well as composition and music that is difficult to put into words. In any case, it is a feast for the mind, eyes and ears. The CD "Music & Poetry" for the book, which is now being presented for the first time, is a joint work by artists from very different areas.

disk 1
01 The myth of Abraxas
02 The bird fights its way out of the egg, the egg is the world
03 The fairytale journey I
04 If you want to be born, you have to destroy a world
05 The Fairy Tale Journey II
06 The bird flies to God
07 Tears and Blood I
08 The flight of the Garuda
09 Tears and Blood II
10 Poem: Paul Sundersingh

disk 2
01 The little lioness
02 Tears and Blood / The Little Lioness
03 The Magical Woman I
04 The magic woman
05 The Magic Woman II
06 Leela
07 Nick I
08 Nick
09 Poem: Baba's Peace Hotel

disk 3
01 Ananda I
02 Ananda
03 Thoughts on the teacher-student relationship
04 The fairytale journey
05 The tree at the end of the world I
06 The valley of time
07 The tree at the end of the world II
08 The tree at the end of the world
09 The Tree At The End Of The World III
10 The Orient Riders
11 Poem: Abraxas