Dry Dudes - Fairytale (CD) (5871739666585)

Dry Dudes - Fairytale (CD)


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It almost sounds like a little North German fairy tale, almost too good to be true. In the summer of 2015, two boys met by chance at a music competition in Emsland. They swap numbers and meet up a little later to make music together.
The Dry Dudes were born. First, singer Erwin Holm and guitarist Patrick Schütte still play cover songs, Michael Jackson or Ed Sheeran. But they don't want to sound like everyone else. They have their own idea of ​​acoustic pop rock. In addition, their heads bubble with song ideas that want to get out into the world.

01 Dreams
02 Wrong Man
03 Nobody's Perfect
04 Nothing Left
05 Runaway
06 She
07 That Was Love
08 The One
09 Sunset
10 U!
11 safety glasses
12 fairy tales