Dry Dudes - Grow (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871805202585)

Dry Dudes - Grow (12" vinyl album)


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The Dry Dudes know how to transform deep feelings into easy-going, smooth songs. On their third album "Grow", the duo from Emsland creates modern, independent pop with an R'n'B vibe: strong melodies on a stable groove foundation and not a single note too many.
Anyone who hasn't had the two dudes on their screens should do so now as a matter of urgency. Because these songwriters still have big plans, and they are definitely in a league in which few German artists play today. remaining doubts? Evidence abounds on Grow.
Singer Erwin Holm and guitarist Patrick Schütte reduce their sound to "Grow" and casually get to the point. With clear words, the songs tell stories in which we find ourselves, like in "Paradise" about the desire to leave everything behind and just get away.
And we all have those days when everything really goes wrong. But the Dry Dudes remind you that there is also an opportunity in failure: "Grow". You can feel what this is about without understanding the lyrics thanks to the strong atmosphere that remains consistent through all the tracks on the album.
Stylistically, "Grow" comes around the corner much more mature than the previous material. Holm and Schütte take a big leap forward in their development and land in the middle of the now. Subtle synthesizers give the sound depth, electronic beat elements provide the extra portion of groove. That's exactly what it sounds like today.

1. Grow
2. Loving For Two
3. (Your) River
4. As Good As New
5. Tonight
6. Undefined
7. Paradise
8. Fire In My Soul
9. Unknown Boy
10. Every Step
11. What Did I Do Wrong? (radio edit)