Dry Dudes - Memories (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871767322777)

Dry Dudes - Memories (12" vinyl album)


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After the romantic fairy tale hour "Fairytale" it's time for the Dry Dudes to reflect on the small, not necessarily less romantic moments of everyday life. With their debut follow-up, "Memories", the Dry Dudes from Emsland open a photo album full of memories.
Some are already a bit faded, the colors blurry. Others are still very present. You can almost feel them again, the kisses on your cheeks, touching fingertips, taste the chewing gum that you had in your mouth at the time. Or you feel the pang in your heart, the disappointment and longing, as if it were just yesterday. Or was it all just a dream after all?
On "Memories" the dry dudes Erwin Holm and Patrick Schütte tell twelve new stories between love, longing, passion and nostalgia in twelve dreamy songs. Stories that life writes and that each of us has probably experienced at least once – just not as beautifully and multifacetedly packaged as on “Memories”.
On their second album, too, the Dry Dudes swear by their very own interpretation of pop rock with singer/songwriter appeal, which at the same time contains a lot of musical accents from a wide variety of genres between acoustic pop and R&B.
The Dry Dudes met at a music competition in the summer of 2015. After brief excursions into the cover world with songs by Michael Jackson and Ed Sheeran, the young people from Emsland were certain: we don't want to sound like everyone else. Since then they have been delighting their fans all over Germany with their soulful, handmade music.

Side A
01 Take Me Home
02 Break it down
03 Cupid's Arrow
04 Last Night
05 Different Ways
06 Traveling Around The World

Side B
01 changes
02 Orange House
03 95
04 Mary Me
05 Head over Heals
06 Pain