DUCS - Ductape (CD) (5871686189209)

DUCS - Ductape (CD)


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“Our goal is to take the audience out of their everyday lives and go off with them. Others should protest and preach” confirm the brothers Malte (bass) and Sören Schalk (drums).
What sounds so youthfully naive is at the same time the panacea for her success. There is (still) no business plan in the drawer here. Without denying high standards, the trio makes music straight and from the gut. This is where songs like “Get Up'N' Go” or “Oldschool” come from. Any professional songwriter would sell their mother for the ability to pull off a 2 minute, 50 second hit so easily.

01 old school
02 Get up 'n' go!
03 John Do3
04 27
05 Let it die
06 fade