Duo Guitartes - Bach - Telemann - Scarlatti (CD) (5948062367897)

Duo Guitartes - Bach - Telemann - Scarlatti (CD)


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Who would have thought that compositions from the baroque era, created by the then masters Bach, Telemann and Scarlatti, could be performed so convincingly with two guitars? With its repertoire, the Duo Guitartes is breaking new ground in the interpretation of early music. Anne-Kathrin Gerbeth and Bernhard Dolch are among the leading German classical guitar soloists, have profound musicality and natural virtuosity and have devoted themselves intensively to the study of historical performance practice.
This recording celebrates the baroque masterpieces so vividly and spontaneously that it transports the musical ideas of the baroque directly into the here and now - one almost believes that this music has just been freshly composed. Bernhard Dolch has re-established the original harpsichord works with expertise and, more importantly, creativity. The well-rehearsed duo gives the music a fascinating expressiveness with precise interplay, sonority and admirable handling of agogics and dynamics, which inevitably enthralls listeners who otherwise have little interest in early music.

01 Harpsichord Sonata in C major K 460 (L324) (arr. for 2 guitars)

Sonata For Harpsichord In D Minor, Bwv 964 (Adapted From Sonata For Solo Violin No. 2 In A Minor, Bwv 1003) (Arr. For 2 Guitars)
02 1. Adagio
03 2nd Fugue
04 3rd Andante
05 4. Allegro
06 Sonata for harpsichord in G major K 144 (arr. for 2 guitars)

Concerto For Harpsichord In G Minor Bwv 985 (After Georg Philipp Telemann) (Arr. For 2 Guitars)
07 1. Allegro
08 2. Adagio
09 3. Allegro
10 Sonata for Harpsichord in D minor K 141 (L 422) (arr. for 2 guitars)