Eckhardt Günther - Da sein (12 Vinyl-Album)

Eckhardt Günther - Be There (12" vinyl album)


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The composer, guitarist, singer and lyricist Eckhardt Günther is one of the first protagonists of German-language pop jazz. 1979  he recorded the LP "Da Sein" with a clearly jazzy touch. For vinyl lovers, a limited edition of this LP is offered by the Bynja Production label (distribution: Timezone-Records).
Eckhardt Günther presents an exciting, virtuosic and surprising juggling of jazz, blues, rock, ballads and bossa nova. These are pieces with stylistic and compositional finesse, in which the excellent musicians are given plenty of room for improvisation.
The German lyrics are pretty biting, pictorial, self-deprecating, playful; sometimes painfully direct. Or the songs only tell about relationships under different weather conditions or about enjoying. These finely spun lyrical lyrics are included with the LP.
Some titles have been digitized or partially reworked and can be heard on the worldwide available double CD "Eckhardt Günther - 24 songs and one song".
The record cover of the vinyl LP "Da Sein" was designed by the artist and Folkwang lecturer Klaus-Uwe Schlueter.

page A
01 Spring morning rendezvous
02 Dozy afternoon
03 Flowering time in autumn
04 Full of comfort right up to the top
05 Prelude for Wuseline
06 rhythm of existence

Side B
01 Tender exploiter
02 Nice to bite into
03 Today her loneliness takes her for a walk through the city again
04 A bit of sweet time
05 It used to be reassuringly monotonous
06 I feel so good