Eckhardt Günther - Encounters - Chamber Music For Flute & Guitar (CD) (5871828795545)

Eckhardt Günther - Encounters - Chamber Music For Flute & Guitar (CD)


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The flautist Hans Mühre and the guitarist/composer Eckhardt Günther have been making music together since they first met in the 1970s. Together they explored all genres, from classical to avant-garde rock to jazz. Now the two musicians are releasing an album of chamber music for flute and guitar for the first time.
The album Encounters (Begegnungen) impresses with its musical diversity. The songs by the excellent lutenist John Dowland range from light, graceful tunes to works of deep longing and melancholy, in which guitar parts and flute complement each other.
On the classical stage, the dialogue between flute and guitar in the works of Ferdinando Carulli and Mauro Guilanii offers melodic treasures of graceful proportions.
There is a whimsical interpretation of two flute sonata movements by JS Bach. In the small but fine sonatina by the Czech Jan Truhlar, the two musicians implement the playful spirit of their creations with inspired wit. Four Beatles songs were arranged for flute and guitar as a special treat.

01 Wilt tough, unkind, thus reave me
02 That if I never speed
03 Farewell, unkind
04 Flow not so fast, ye fountains
05 Awake, sweet love
06 When Phocbus first did Daphne love
07 Sleep, wayward thoughts
08 Sweet, stay a while
09 Come again
10 Andante sostenuto
11 Allegretto
12 Gigue (guitar solo)
13 Adagio
14 Minuet I/ Minuet II/ Minuet III