Eckhardt Günther - On All Notes (17 Preludes and Fugues for Piano) (2CD) (6710149841049)

Eckhardt Günther - On All Notes (17 Preludes and Fugues for Piano) (2CD)


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Eckhardt Günther is a German composer, guitarist and author. He was born in Perleberg/OT Schönfeld/Brandenburg and has lived in Osnabrück since 1975. His work includes pieces of almost every genre: orchestral works, stage works, chamber music but also pop-rock-jazz songs with their own lyrics...
This double album ON ALL NOTES,17 PRELUDES AND FUGUES FOR PIANO is so titled because the Preludes and Fugues are composed on all notes along the chromatic scale (from A to G#). All movements have neither "major" nor "minor" and each end on neutral chords without being atonal. Strict order and freedom are combined in a meaningful way, leaving room for improvisation.
In the present digital version, it is not the organic musical expression that is in the foreground, but the motor pulse. This work is also intended as an offer to pianists to expand their repertoire and to give these pieces their own personal touch and more "natural" character.

01 Prelude On A
02 Fugue On A
03 Prelude On Bb
04 Fugue On Bb
05 Prelude On A#
06 Fugue On A#
07 Prelude On B
08 Fugue On B
09 Prelude On C
10 Fugue On C
11 Prelude On Db
12 Fugue On Db
13 Prelude On C#
14 Fugue On C#
15 Prelude On D
16 Fugue On D