Egosplit - Loud Silence (CD) (5871704342681)

Egosplit - Loud Silence (CD)


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We are "Egosplit"! We are alternative rock without fear of mainstream pop. We play what we like. Sometimes you hear funk from us, sometimes it's punk blasting out of the speakers. We'll hit you with the metal sounds and light the candles when it gets romantic.
We sing about what moves us and what moves you. We love to put catchy tunes in your head and make you sing along and go wild at our concerts. We often don't take ourselves too seriously, but our music all the more. We're five guys from five different bands who found each other in a new one. We're just a little schizophrenic.
But we can still tell you so much about us, it's best to listen to it yourself! We are Egosplit!

01 Just Because You Can
02 Give Me The Kick
03 This time
04 Back To Life
05 If It Means Anything To You
06 Seconds Of Silence
07 Before I Give Up
08 Weakest Point
09 My Heaven, Your Hell
10 Standing On The Edge