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The German-speaking punk rock band Einstein has existed since 1997. Founded when they were at school, the five provincial punks have always remained true to themselves and their style.
Even after more than 20 years, the "punk pirates" from the drunken deepest part of the Oldenburger Münsterland are not a bit quiet, let alone tired. Einsturz is subtle German-language punk rock without stale slogans or platitudes. Musically there is medium-paced punk rock to be heard, which gets more and more catchy with every song.
Lyrically wide-ranging and very creatively written, the company gets a good beating. The five guys have high standards for their punk rock and have more than basement attitudes. Here are lively songs to sing along and celebrate with understandable singing and melodic accompaniment.

01 flies
02 war
03 cohesion
04 punk rock
05 Groomed and combed
06 Every hour, every day
07 heroes for one night
08 Uprising