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After sixteen years of band history, the first longplay album Ís with twelve tracks will be released physically and digitally on February 28th, 2022 via the Bühnenfall label. Six tracks by the Bochum duo EISKRISTALL are new recordings of works that appeared on a physical mini EP back in 2011. The other tracks on the album were recorded in the studio for the first time.
The band was founded in 2006 by singer La Sonnambula and can look back on a long live history with changing line-ups. EISKRISTALL has been working as a duo since January 2019 and is accompanied on tour by experienced live musicians. All pieces were composed and recorded by La Sonnambula and musician Tim Tucker. The lyrics were penned by La Sonnambula.
EISKRISTALL wants to express any form of coldness in society, in the world and beyond with music. This can depict the inside of a person, describe a lonely desert of ice or even reflect a cold, steely city silhouette on a foggy winter morning. Musically, this is expressed in dynamic song structures with catchy melodies and lyrics, some of which also process the supernatural, legends and personal life experiences.
The image of an ice crystal was chosen as a symbol and, so to speak, as a "identification mark", which also served as the inspiration for the name.

01 ice puff
02 The First Snow
03 Manca Sollecita
04 Take Me Back To Myself
05 crystal light
06 In My Forest
07 Divine
08 At Mondsee
09 Cheerokee Prayer Blessing
10 My angel
11 The For My Sins
12 Winds Of Autumn