Elaine M - Fantasie - Träumereien und mehr... (CD) (5871819522201)

Elaine M - Fantasy - Dreaming and more... (CD)


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Dreaming of love in a fantasy world - but can love be stronger in reality? In her title song of the album "Fantasy, Dreams and more..." she invites us with her clear and expressive voice to dream into her fantasy world. Simply pure feeling!
As a singer/songwriter, she touches us with romance and longing in very catchy pop melodies that we want to hear again and again. Her change to melancholy in the song "I thought I could be alone" is impressive, framed by an extraordinary music arrangement.
She grew up in the American Midwest. It was here that she learned to play the guitar and developed her passion for country songs. Back in Nuremberg, her musical journey also took her into the world of operettas, where she developed her unmistakable timbre.
But her love for the pop and country genres was stronger. In search of songs that she would like to sing, she began writing her own songs, first in English. Some of them have already been published. We will hear more about this as well.

01 fantasy
02 For you and me
03 Where do your dreams lead to
04 I thought I could be alone
05 For a Moment (Remix)