elb HANG musik - into the arctic (CD) (6790476103833)

elb HANG music - into the arctic (CD)


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After the first album with elb HANG musik called “hang'n'bass”, the second with the title “into the arctic” is now appearing on the Timezone label. This time, however, the focus is on the particularly warm-sounding SHELLOPAN from France - in this case an instrument that even has tone troughs on the underside of the metal body - and thus a tonal range of two octaves.
elb HANG musik has planned something special with the new album: a musical listening journey to the Canadian Arctic. Because the predominantly song-like, but also onomatopoeic tracks were mainly created as accompanying music for a reading by the freelance author Petra Krumme (including Süddeutsche Zeitung), who spent nine months with the First Nation tribe of the Gwich'in in the arctic wilderness north of the Arctic Circle. She processed her stay there in impressive texts that inspired the music. For the album, the individual pieces were enriched with additional instruments. Not only the shellopan and the integral and dorian hang can be heard, but also the mystical whalophone and various percussion, e-piano, flat sounds, electronic grooves, occasional (polyphonic) vocals - and an exceptionally sounding mandolin.
Between the pieces of elb HANG musik or within a track, friendly moods alternate with melancholic and exciting moods. The result is a varied concept album, atmospherically dense and groovy at the same time. In some pieces, the great musician Ramón Lazzaroni plays flutes and double bass. For this journey you only have to close your eyes - and listen!

01 into the arctic
02 journey
03 house cleaning
04 snow waltz
05 tolerance
06 snowflakes
07 meltwater
08 caribou
09 remembrance
10 northern lights
11 sunday moaning
12 Where are the drums?
13 to the stars
14 cool places
15 snow waltz (live version)