ELIH - Essence (CD) (6602459676825)

ELIH - Essence (CD)


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ESSENCE is impressive. The debut album by musician ELIH inspires with a mixture of blues, world music and ukulele sounds, which merge with his warm voice into a real experience.
With his wonderful voice and selected instruments, ELIH knows how to create an inspiring sound that takes the listener on a journey.
From the heartbeat of the earth it goes into the immensity of the universe.
Then it's about the short ways, which usually seem the longest: To the "inner child" or to the "simple things" that are often waiting to be discovered.
"Essence" draws attention to the elementary and allows insights into ELIH's life: blazing love, closeness to nature and the desire to listen to your own heart. Exotic sounds and danceable passages alternate with meditative songs, all filled with ELIH's soothing singing.
And suddenly you really feel like singing along, the lyrics are so catchy and beautiful.
This album is a gem for anyone who wants to get closer to life and themselves and what really matters.

01 Boomerang
02 Coffee Blues
03 Hear Her Heartbeat
04 Sacred Road
05 Simple things
06 Let Go
07 Inner Child
08 Expanding Into The Unknown
09 Set My Heart On Fire
10 Returning To The Source