ELIH - Los! (CD) (6602459316377)

ELIH - Go! (CD)


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Wishes come true with this children's song CD. Finally children's music that also makes adults happy! :)
In 7 songs, ELIH takes you into his world. Dreams come true, grow with trees and fly free like an Indian to the stars. The balance with nature is also lived and dealing with one's own emotions is practiced. Even a meditative lullaby is on board!
With a colorful mix of vocals, ukulele, beatbox and kazoo, ELIH creates a modern, swinging, soulful sound that invites you to sing along and be fun for the whole family at home or in the car! In addition to a message close to nature, ELIH wants one thing above all: that we feel good and come together in harmony.
Let's go! Agree and be there :)

01 Intro: - Welcome! -
02 Live my dream
03 Intro: - What is growing there? -
04 You grow like me
05 Intro: - Full of energy -
06 Indians
07 Intro: - Enough for everyone -
08 Balance in sight
09 Intro: - Colorful and glittery
10 Rainbow Stardust
11 Intro: - I feel the same way sometimes
12 Everything will be fine in the end
13 Intro: - Lean back/see you soon! -
14 sound of the sea