Em Huisken & Jank Frison - Fräiske Soang (CD) (5871823716505)

Em Huisken & Jank Frison - Fräiske Soang (CD)


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Oops! That is impossible!!?? The Frisians don't sing, do they?
Yes, as you can hear here. And they do it often and gladly. But apparently they were never interested in recording their songs - in any case, there is hardly any tradition worth mentioning. Was their music too valuable for them?
So the duo jank frison (Frisian jank = very strong desire, French frison = the Frisian, but with a French/Breton "appearance") chooses the way to create new Frisian music, which in the lyrics is based on overarching basic values ​​of the Frisians oriented: freedom, connection to the land and the elements, the courage to be independent and the like. It is sung in Sater Frisian, Old Frisian and Ostfreeske Taal - the special East Frisian variant of Low German.
The music of the salt coasts of Europe was originally strongly influenced by Celtic music. The mainland Celtic culture has remained particularly alive in Brittany and has been able to spread again. In it you can still find musical and dance traditions that once existed around the Nordic Sea, from the Faroe Islands to Friesland and even Brittany.
jank frison picks up elements of this culture, works them around and incorporates them into their own musical work. This includes some Breton melodies, the preference for mythical-historical songs, but also the rhythms of the stirring meditative community dances of Brittany.
Jank frison are Heike Büsing (Great Highland bagpipe, small pipe, Schäferpfeife, Krummhorn) and Stefan Carl em Huisken (vocals, accordion, guitar, bombarde, oboe).

01 Kloangstrieke from Fräislound
02 God scop thene eresta meneska
03 Thu Friezen hiere Soang
04 Dree Young Sailors
05 Freesk Rune
06 Fräi is the Moanske
07 Buhske di Remmer
08 Litje Toale
09 O Danneboom
10 Rungard's Roos
11 Winterman
12 Janko van't Holt
13 Friislound, so fri