Endeevior - Compassion (CD)

Endeevior - Compassion (CD)


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"Compassion" is a jazz pop album by Inga Eichler. Inspired by the musician's many years of experience, it tells of life, love and a spirituality that encompasses us all with singing and acoustic sounds. Tracks like the single "Walk With You" are catchy and convince with their production. But the song "Longwhile" also surprises with German rap and its modern flair. Inga Eichler is a storyteller with high standards of musicality. (Andreas Landrock)

With "Compassion" Inga Eichler and her band Endeevior present a new jazz pop album. Singing and acoustic sounds such as "Walk with you" reflect the young Wuppertal native's experiences of life, love and spirituality, which stem not least from her ten-year stay in London, with her studies and numerous performances, for example in the renowned Jazz Club Ronny Scott. On tour around the world she played with Chihiro Yamanaka, among others, which took her to Japan and the USA. Compassion will be released on CD by Inga Eichler in August 2021. The double-bass-playing musician also made some self-composed pieces available for the London band Nerija, who took part in the Wuppertal jazz meeting in 2014, for the CD of the same name. (Open sky Wuppertal)

01 Walk With You
02 Longwhile
03 Again
04 Abe And Ret01 Walk With Me
02 Longwhile
03 Again
04 Abe And Ret
05 Sally
06 Is It You
07 Arrived
08 Take Love Easy
09 Garlands
10 You And I
11 The Devil's Compassion
12 Time And Space
13 Did You Think You Can Fly?