Engel Mayr - Potpourri (CD) (5871694020761)

Engel Mayr - Potpourri (CD)


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Engel Mayr is known as a guitarist and songwriter for Russkaja, Dorretta Carter, Hallucination Company and others. On his latest solo album "Potpourri" he serves hearty blues rock with rough edges.
From the straight rocker "No Return" to "From D-beat To Swing" - the latter combines punk and uptempo swing - to the funky "Somebody Once Told Me". Clemens Salesny (Jazzwerkstatt Wien), HG Gutternigg (Russkaja), Kris Jefferson (Popa Chubby) and many others can be heard as guests on the album. Live Engel Mayr will "blues rock" in a trio with bass and drums like crazy!

01 No Return
02 From D-Beat To Swing
03 Somebody Once Told Me
04 The Way It Goes
05 Urenge
06 Bebe
07 Thursday Morning
08 Round And Round
09 Conspiracy Of Bourgeois
10 monochromes
11 Marietta's Song
12 This World Ain't Ours
13 Steve